What We Do

Conceptual Approach

Transforming Agri-Economy

Village Economy Zone (VEZ)

Business Model

Phase I

Kodai Hills and Sattur

Phase I

Kodai Hills and Sattur

Phase I

Kodai Hills and Sattur

Village HRD

  • Animal Husbandry
  • Local product marketing
  • Online training
  • Cooperative working model
  • Delivery chain models

Re-create the best practices in Agri production

  • To identify the best practices of that particular village and document it, so that others can make use of the best practices
  • Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) is established

Local Contract Farming

  • Provide Opportunities to the local village youngsters for contract farming

Agri Tourism

  • Agri tourism platform shall be created in association with travel agents and the government of tourism
  • Lot of opportunities are emerging in Agri tourism

HRD Training centre

  • Training facilities shall be created for developing the local villagers towards the employability skills under government skill development centre

Women Entrepreneurship

  • Women entrepreneurship and other value added Agri industries shall be established with the help of our contacts & networks in the metros

Help in Creating Farmer Producer Organisation (FPO)

  • Helping the villagers to create market platform (FPO) for better price and distribution