Grow by Green Foundation is the first integrated single window platform for consultancy, production management services, handholding show-how projects, and connecting the missing links in the agricultural business world “Plug and Play and Buy Own Operate Transfer – BOOT Model” in Agricultural Segment.

Thapovan, the group company of Grow by Green Foundation is a part of the All India Village Economic Development forum New Delhi (Part of PM’s AATMA NIRBHAR SCHEME).

Why Community Farming?

For many years, the agriculture industry has been with the farmers on a village level. Considering the past few years, many educated entrepreneurs interested in organic farming, production, and trading have emerged successful in India. Unexpected changes in the economy have made the mid-segment corporate professionals seek alternate revenue streams and thereby resulting in agri-entrepreneurship and employment in the Agri industry.

Post the pandemic in 2021, working at home has already created a lot of stress and insecurity in the life of an IT professional during which many have lost their jobs or are still working under extremely stressful work environments and stretched work hours. Many entrepreneurs have also revenue in their business and the volume in sales have reduced due to corona worldwide and especially in India. They are seeking alternate investment opportunities and revenue streams in agriculture.

These environmental influences have made most of us think about community farming as a solution to get out of the unstable financial situation prevailing post-pandemic. The light at the end of the tunnel seems to be agriculture for us. Community Farming works based on Agri productivity and scalability along with the support of technology in agriculture and the knowledge in IT as a business model.

Certified Experts in Agriculture and Technology


Why Grow by Green?

We at Grow by Foundation believe that the market always creates an opportunity for business. The unfulfilled business gaps create opportunities for entrepreneurs and investors. Agriculture, the industry that has been contributing to the economical growth of a country is becoming the future for investors. Agri Economy seems to be the future for the nation. The government has also insisted on focusing on the Agri sectors through various schemes that support the farmers and also the export of our agricultural production to other countries.

We use new technology

Skilled Farmers

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Investment Options


Grow by Green Investor Benefits

Promotor invests money. technology, infrastructure, Agri ecosystem for sustained growth for the entire period of 5 years.

All the input costs shall be taken care of by the promotors for the lease period of 5 years to make the land an asset, living and growing.

At the end of the 5 years, the agricultural land now with income-generating capacity is handed over by the promotors.

Options are available for investors to continue the ‘hands-on’ Agri growth services with Grow by Green Foundation or they can take over and run the farm on their own.

The farm is also part of Thapovan gated community in Kodai hills, which consists of a resort (farm stay), naturopathy centre, mind gym, and other facilities. The Agri investor can enjoy all the available facilities as per agreed terms such as restaurant, clubhouse, etc, The farm stays for accommodation shall be given at special discounted rates for our investors.

At the end of 5 years, there is also a reselling option available with the promotors. So your capital is safe and protected.

Conceptual framework of Prime Minister’s
“Aatma Nirbhar Bharat”
Thapovan, the group company of Grow by Green Foundation is a part of the All India Village Economic Development forum New Delhi